The Woodlands Resort

On Plum Lake

Balsam Cottage
  The Balsam Cottage is a large 3 bedroom with screened porch and large deck. Besides the fully equipped kitchen, a TV, stereo and VCR complete the living room. Each bedroom has a double bed. It can comfortably sleep 6 but could hold 10 if the sofas in the front room are used. There is a separate dining area off the kitchen separated by its own breakfast bar. As all cottages, the Balam comes with its own pier and rowboat.

Availability: 3Balsam Kitchen Season

Bedrooms: 3, double bed in each

Capacity: Sleeps Six

Ammenities: TV, VCR, Stereo, screened porch,deck, microwave, coffeemaker.

  Balsam Lving Room
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